Tag: Lichens

  • Some Light in Sight

    31 December 2022 Each year I have been delighted to see my Camellia Reticulata ‘Inspiration’ start to flower in early December. It usually continues to flower until May. Sadly, it was blown down in a gale in 2022. Luckily it has started growing from the base of the tree and I have high hopes for […]

  • From Furry Slippers to a Bad Hair Day

    My Mount Aso willow is still providing me with a lot of cheer on these windy days. The furry slipper catkin changed to a very dignified deep wine/pink and then it opened up to this grey, orange and yellow creation. However, it remains a furry slipper at heart and in its last throes looked like […]

  • A Frog By Any Other Name

    Gardening at the moment is an exercise in dodging thunder storms, rain showers and wind gusts that can knock you off your feet in a very undignified manner. Everywhere there are hints of the jobs to be done and even the grass is growing despite the cold. So are the lichen as Fergus my frog […]

  • Wild and Willowy

    29 February 2020 Storm Jorge I have just found a new way of passing the time during a storm which is fierce enough to persuade me to stay at home i.e., practicing my new found ‘skills’ in willow work. One of the advantages of this work is that electricity is not required. I am also […]