Category: Autumn

  • Fantastic Fungi

    It has been a very strange autumn in the garden. In the last few weeks bumble bees, hoverflies and even the odd butterfly have made the occasional appearance on sunny days. The holly offers plenty of food but some of my catmint plants have started to flower again and are equally popular. Even the Eleagnus […]

  • Stone Walls Upon
    Stone Fields

      October 2021 Red sky at morning … Normality has returned at last. The wind is howling in the chimney and the rain is streaming down the windows drowning out the sound of the seals. (That is if they sing in stormy weather). It is still very mild, but at least the plants are getting […]

  • An Indian Summer

    At last, we have had some rain and the garden is beginning to recover from the long hot summer. Even better I no longer have to lug gallons of water around the garden every evening. This hydrangea Madame Emile Moulier struggled in the dry weather despite growing in the shade and required careful nursing unlike […]

  • Fungi

    20 November 2020 October was a relatively dry month all things considered and mushrooms were noticeable by their absence. This was disappointing, as I have had a full fairy ring on the driveway for three years in a row. Last year there were two intersecting rings with two different fungi species and I had high […]

  • Autumn Colour on Roaringwater Bay

    12 October 2020 Growing up in the south east of Ireland I never took vivid autumn colour for granted. Most years the leaves were a dull brown and only remarkable for the amount of time it took to rake them up. For my twenty years in the north east of Scotland the exact opposite was […]

  • Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

    16 September 2020 The air has been thick and heavy for the last few days and this morning the garden is shrouded in a dense fog. On my morning round I could not fail to notice that the spiders have been very busy overnight. Almost every shrub is cloaked in not one, but dozens of […]