Month: July 2021

  • Metamorphosis

    24 July 2021 Cape Clear is hidden by a sea mist while the mainland bakes in the sunshine At twenty four degrees the weather today is slightly cooler, but I have given up any pretence of gardening. The dogs and I have taken to relaxing in carefully selected parts of the garden where there is […]

  • ‘Nature Red in Tooth and Claw’’ . . . and Stingers

    5 July 2021 The first of my two wasp bykes. My pump house is effectively out of bounds to me until the end of autumn. A routine check of the filters today turned out to be more eventful than usual and I did not see the wasp byke until I had been stung. I beat […]

  • Rain at Last!

    Summer’s light on the hill in front of the house My water butts are almost empty, despite holding 1700 litres of water and without rain I will have to draw on my well to water the plants. The ground is as hard as a rock and you would need a jackhammer to plant anything – […]