Month: January 2021

  • Winter’s Natural Beauty

    16 January 2021 Cape Clear on a cold, frosty evening The long cold spell has disappeared to be replaced by thick fog and pouring rain. Walking the dogs now requires that I identify when there will be a break in the downpours. So far, I have not been very good at this as the rain […]

  • Creating a Miniature
    Woodland Garden

    5 January 2021 For the first year ever, I am finding it had to find work to do in the garden. This is not for lack of trying. I am thwarted by two factors. The temperature has been below zero every night for some time and daytime temperatures are little better. My hands have registered […]

  • Winter Berries
    for the Birds

     26 December 2020 Storm Bella is on the way and I have been providing the birds with double rations of bird food to help them through the next few days. My five-year-old hedgerows are providing some shelter, but many of the small birds seem to live in the acres of gorse and brambles on my […]